Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Today was a really interesting day.  I was finally able to finish our mousetrap car with Connor, but we cut the string too long, so there was too much slack, and the mousetrap just snapped.  The actual design was, since I don’t have a picture, a long base, with a mousetrap mounted towards the front, with a stick (in this case, three K’NEX duct taped together) connected to the trap part of the mousetrap.  A piece of string was taped to the end of the stick, with the other end taped to a small wheel mounted in the center of the rear wheel.  The string was wound around this wheel by rotating this axle.  The goal was that the mousetrap would pull the string, turning the wheel, thus propelling the vehicle forward. The entire purpose of using the string was to create a system that would allow the energy to be distributed and used entirely throughout the movement, rather than having a very quick burst of power.

Also today, I read an article titled “Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Confirms Puzzling Preponderance of Positrons“.  This was posted by my friend, C. Nolan, on the page of our writing class, introuswriting.wordpress.com, as a reference to the type of work that one of the people his group is interviewing.  It was a really interesting article about the concept of positrons, and their creation.  Apparently, this space telescope is meant to explore this concept, and it has introduced some cool new ideas about positrons.  Using updated technology, positrons with extremely high energy levels can now be detected.  This means that we’re on our way to figuring out what they really are.  Discoveries have led to a puzzling answer that isn’t quite concrete.  This answer is that they are either being formed by Dark Matter, or Pulsars.  Whatever the actual reason is, the entire idea is really cool.  I most definitely plan on continuing to track this research.


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