Open-Source Government

My friend Maris tweeted something very interesting today. She asked “what would happen if a government were open-source?”. I was really interested in this, but I knew that if I wanted to write about it, I would have to do some research.

Initially, I had assumed that open-source government literally used the idea of open-source, but that didn’t really make sense. Wouldn’t our government be like that, then? After all, most of what happens in the Congress is broadcasted publicly, so the public knows what the government is doing.

With my research, though, came my realization that open-source governance is actually a type of leadership. It embodies the ultimate democracy, where the people decide everything that happens in the government.

Ideally, this would probably only work in very small countries, where the range and variety of views and ideas is smaller. This would prevent excessive changes by citizens that would create a government that no one agrees on because it’s constantly being changed.

Basically, this is the modern version of the very basis of the idea of a republic that we use. I would like to here some different ideas in the comments.


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