It’s been years since I last played with K’NEX.  I used to build all sorts of stuff from my sets: carnival rides, cars, airplanes, you name it.  Now, for the first time

ever, I have been given the task of creating something that actually works from K’NEX.  Putting together a vehicle powered by mousetrap is not an easy task, but it is one that teaches one of the most important lessons in life: to keep trying; to never give up.  Failing is just a part of every complex task.  And while it emphasizes this, it also teaches us how to draw and spread out the energy of a high-power energy snap from a device such as a mousetrap.  Combining these creates a lesson that every student could use.

Along with failing generally comes improvement.  Yet improvement is not about considering and expanding on opportunities.  If your true goal is to improve, then you don’t need a specific opportunity to do so.  For me, any task is an opportunity to improve, whether it is the “task” of playing Call of Duty: Black Ops for an hour, or it’s completing an algebra worksheet.  When a mindset like this is used, learning simply becomes a daily process of life, not something restricted to classes and lectures.  Therefore, I believe that the entire physics class that I’m taking is an opportunity for improvement.  It will allow me to learn more about all the topics of physics that we will study (energy and power at this point in time), and also give me a chance to develop my skills with Design Thinking with projects that it seems like will often be similar to real-life challenges.  I hope that this year in general will be a year of learning and improvement for me.


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