Cuba 2014: Day 1

Alas, many months late, I have gotten to posting these journal entries that I wrote.  As it happens, I ended up losing all but a few of my pictures when my iPhone was wiped during an update a week ago.  Therefore, though I had intended for much of this to be illustrated, it isn’t.  I was in Cuba between May 17th and 25th, 2014.

Today was a day of travel: we flew from Vancouver to Toronto, and from Toronto to Havana. The flights were great; I watched Her, Pacific Rim, and part of The LEGO movie. Arrival in Havana was interesting, if a bit unnerving. Customs and Immigration were very efficient and cordial, though rather reserved and, if I may say, paranoid (perhaps this is just my perception of the socialist police state American media makes Cuba out to be).  Adarsh compared the airport to airports in India, but I noted that it was much cleaner and quieter.


Overall, the little of the country I’ve seen thus far has been rather more developed than I had expected.  I was particularly impressed by the timers at each stoplight. People seem more liberal than I had worried, and than the airport officials had made me worry by their behavior. Our tour guide noted that everyone here is nice, greeting you wherever you go and such. Once again, this almost seems like something of a government-enforced façade to hide the resentment I would expect many to feel for the luxury with which we live in comparison,


Once again, the hotel officials were highly cordial, once again seemingly giving off an aura of fear of us as Americans.  Live music and large crowds out in the streets, even past midnight, encourage me as to the culture which I am anxious to discover.


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