Speaking Truth to Power

The truth is that the NSA’s surveillance of the electronic activity of all Americans is inappropriate and a waste of government money.  A fact stated by Peter van Buren in his article Ten Myths About the NSA, Debunked for The Nation, is that “There have been only about twenty domestic terror-related deaths since 9/11. Your chances as an American of being killed by a terrorist (the figures are for the world, not just inside the US) are about 1 in 20 million.”  Not only is this an incomprehensibly small figure for the billions of dollars pumped into this program, but it is even smaller in comparison to the number of deaths due to more relevant issues, such as those which van Buren cites when he states that, “Since 9/11, we have seen some 364,000 deaths in our schools, workplaces and homes caused by privately owned firearms, and none of the spying or surveillance identified any of the killers in advance.”  While this is clearly a waste of large sums of money that could be dedicated to programs that actually could make our country safer, such as education, it is furthermore a violation of fundamental rights of Americans.  The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution, which grants a right to privacy to citizens, was written, according to van Buren, “because of the British use of general warrants in the colonial era.”  Our entire nation was founded on the principle of representing and following through with the opposition to the vices of Britain.  By violating the laws that were put in place to achieve this end, the government is violating its original purpose and is moving away from the liberty that it has attempted to define throughout the past two centuries.  This is unacceptable.

Mode: Combination of Logos (1st part) and Pathos (2nd part)


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