Peru 2012: Day 9

Today was also fairly uneventful. We spent the morning watching TV again, and didn’t even leave the room except to retrieve my phone from Mama’s room after she had left with Daddy to see Qorikancha and San Blas. The time we left, though, was for lunch. We had all decided to have lunch at McDonald’s, where I ended up having a McPollo sandwich and ice cream. First, though, we were told that it was temporarily closed for renovations. It took us a while to convince the woman in front to let us in.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped to find something to get Mami to eat. The only thing we ended up getting her was a pack of fries from McDonald’s.

Upon returning to the hotel, we spent the next few hours watching TV again.

We were retrieved from our room just before 6:00, at which time we walked to the Qosqo Center of Native Arts across from Qorikancha. Here, we waited about an hour for a demonstration of various native Peruvian dances.

The first was quite interesting, as it was the only one where all the men involved were masked. The steps, however, were consistent with all the dances we saw, except the last before we left. The last is the only one I shall talk about, as it was performed by the native people who lived around Sacsayhuman. It was designed to imitate a certain bird from the area during the mating season. The moves were unique, as they were more fluid and made more use of the clothes of the dancers in a creative and unique way.

We left the performance half an hour before it ended so that we would have enough time to eat dinner, and because Sahil and Mamu were getting bored. Before returning to the hotel to pick up Mami before heading out to dinner, we went to a market next to the theater. There, both Sahil and I bought alpaca sweaters to prepare for the cold of Puno, and I bought a pin for my pin collection.

After picking up Mami, we walked to a vegetarian Indian restaurant we had seen near the hotel, Govinda. Entering it, it didn’t seem like that nice of a place, as it only had two employees and was filled with smoke. Nevertheless, the food was delicious. We had Lomo Saltado, like I had had a few days ago, but it tasted much better with the beef switched out for tofu. We also had several other vegetarian dishes, which had the only problem that they were meant for a single person rather than family style, so they didn’t contain a good amount of tofu. The one that Surya and I chose was Crispy Fried Wontons with Tamarind Sauce. It turned out to be very good. We didn’t have dessert.

Returning to the hotel, we had to go to bed early, so as to be able to wake up at 6:00 tomorrow for our train to Puno.


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