Of Course Global Warming is Real!

As covered in a Popsci article by Rebecca Boyle called “Climate Skeptic Sponsors New Climate Study, Confirms ‘Global Warming Is Real,'” a physicist at the University of California – Berkeley, Richard Muller, has discovered through his research that Global Warming is even more real than we think it is.  His project, BEST, or Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project, compiled 1.6 billion temperature reports from 39,000 various temperature stations worldwide, including data from fifteen existing data archives, to put together an analysis of the temperature change over the past 200 years.

The interesting thing, though, is that, until he conducted this study, Muller himself was a Global Warming skeptic.  In other words, he didn’t believe in Global Warming himself.  However, by not only collecting the data mentioned above, but also combining it with data about various elements that are thought by skeptics to mutilate the data, he discovered that in certain parts of the world, the average temperature increase has been well over the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s prediction of a 0.64 C increase.  The discovered increase was 1-2 C.

Unfortunately, this research didn’t specify what effect humans have had on climate, or whether it is simply a natural process.  However, the fact remains that the temperature is increasing, and with this synthesis of data, this conclusion is not based on flawed data or interfering variables.


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