Giant Sweaters, Teddy Bears, and Insulation

Our Passive Solar House project is going fairly well.  I’ve succeeded in keeping our group more on task mainly by keeping a much better record of what we’re doing, rather than relying on someone else to do this as I did during the last project.  This also keeps this entire process more organized.  I have all our group’s ideas centered in a single document complete with many of our illustrated diagrams.  This means that we’ll have many ideas laid out with concepts that we need to test when we go to prototype.  We won’t just be prototyping random ideas, and we won’t end up focusing way to much on individual ideas.  For example, we already have the idea to test the individual concepts of using a huge cover (a giant sweater) to insulate the house at night, the idea to use hollow walls, and potentially either fill it with dry wool or foam at night and leave it empty during the day, or wet the wool during the day.  W. Hamilton has estimated that this may conduct heat better during the day, allowing cold air in that wasn’t let in during the night.  Overall, this project is looking to be much more streamlined and group-focused than the Mousetrap Vehicle Project.


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