Check-In on Mousetrap Vehicle

This Check-In was written by C. Nolan about our Mousetrap Vehicle.  Coming Next will be the Debriefing that he wrote with us at the end.

We are now two weeks into school and it is time to check in. In classes I have noticed that one of the most helpful things we have done in class so far is the design thinking process. It is a long and sometimes painful process, you have to push your self to stay focused on coming up with “How Might We” questions rather then a whole idea.

In our case we were working on making vehicles out of mouse traps. The first HMW question we addressed was “How might we take the force of the snap of the mouse trap and turn it into something that moves and is functional?” We spent a full class period purely coming up with HMW questions. This was helpful for me because if we had just started off with ideas we had, they would most likely have failed because we didn’t think about all the possible problems.

The final piece we came up with after our second class period was this———————————————–>

I also think that through this process it has gotten me to one of the most helpful things I have done to help me learn. The thing i have done is document. I have been working a lot on documentation throughout this process which has helped me organize my ideas. After about a week into the process my group and I had come up with a much better idea.

I made a list of all the ideas we had and what HMW question it addressed. Now we have come up with a gear system which works much better and works much better then the first.

Although, once we are finished with this process it comes to equations which is probably where i need the most improvement. I understand the process i just cant keep it in my head.


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